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The Dollar Marketing Club
Marketing Club Membership

Finally there is an easy low cost way for businesses to get great strategies delivered weekly, have access to great marketing tools, as well as awesome media deals and have a team of experts available for pennies on the dollar.

The Dollar Marketing Club brings decades of marketing, media and business experience to you on a regular basis for the most competitive price ever.

The Dollar Marketing Club has helped countless businesses take the headaches out of media, marketing, interactive and social media and advertising.

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Damn Great Marketing

Every week you will receive brand new EXCLUSIVE marketing strategies, content and deals from our friends at Damn Great Marketing! These are available just for Dollar Marketing Club members to use and profit from.

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Not only do you receive the strategies but you also receive the resources you need to implement them at a fraction of the cost! Saving you both time and money PLUS access to some of the greatest marketers in TV, Radio and Internet to help you execute so that you can GROW YOUR BUSINESS.

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Damn Great Weekly Deals

Receive Damn Great discounts on all your marketing and media needs.


Damn Great Audio

This is packed with 123 Tips on business in easy 1-liner form.

Damn Great Strategies

Receive Damn Great business strategies delivered weekly to you.

Damn Great Library

Access to the Damn Great Library of business materials.


Damn Great Survey

21 questions to get your business on the road to Damn Great!

Damn Great Ebook

Time tested marketing intelligence brought to you.


Damn Great Review

The Damn Great review of your marketing activities.

Damn Great Conference Call

Be part of the monthly Damn Great Conference Call.

Damn Great Marketing Plan

4 Slide Marketing Plan to learn to quickly message your business.

Damn Great Podcast

Access to all our episodes of the Damn Great Podcast.

Damn Great Network

Let our Damn Great Partners refer business to you.

Damn Great Webinar

Join us for the Damn Great Monthly Webinar.

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Online Business Marketing Club

Just call us directly at 303-902-9928 and we will provide you with a Damn Great Audit of all of your Marketing efforts just for joining! This in itself is worth a hundred pennies. 🙂

If you like this Damn Great offer! (and we know you do) then Join For A Dollar and let the Damn Great Marketing Team put over a half century of experience to work for your business.

If you tried to do everything we do you are looking at weeks and months of your time to get your marketing rocking.

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We both know you have better things to do with your precious time and hard earned money right?

For $1 for the first month and then a small monthly payment of $100/month you can let us do for you what we do Damn Great! So you can focus on building your business.

But here’s the catch, we do plan on limiting memberships to the club simply because we want to provide you with outstanding service. By keeping a lower number of members we can focus on helping you grow your business better.

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After we reach a certain number of members the club will be closed.

You can also put your mind at ease by knowing that if for any reason you decide that you want out of the club (we don’t think you will but just in case) then you can cancel your membership.

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